Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AWANA Awards Ceremony

Sunday evening was our awards ceremony for AWANA's. I had six kids at my table, but only five made it to the ceremony. Here are some pictures of my group.

OK, so they started with the high school age kids first and worked their way down to Kindergarten....can you tell they were getting a little restless?

And below we are finally getting ready to go up on stage and I told them to get together for a picture...the girls struck some very awkward poses while the boys paid me no attention.
**I wish I had pictures of us on stage, but Joe was in the back of the auditorium with Cash and I was on stage handing out certificates to my group :( **

After the ceremony there were cookies and juice for everyone and I tried to get a good picture of Joe and the kids

Take 1
Take 2

Take 3

**and this is as good as it gets**

Love them!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Community Outreach

This weekend was another super busy one. Most the day Saturday we were at a community outreach with our Sunday School class that was amazing, truly amazing.

Our church has built a Community Center in a low income neighborhood not too far from the church. The church supplied the food and our class really stepped up and reached out. We all had a great time and planted a seed in the hearts of a lot of people. We are hoping to do something in this community on a monthly basis and I am looking forward to building relationships. Here are just a few pictures (I think I had a total of 75)!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wild Hare

You may remember last year when looking out the kitchen window there was a cow that had busted through the fence to graze in our backyard. Well this is what we saw the other day when looking out the window. We have a whole family of wild rabbits living under our building -- drives Dali nuts. He is constantly trying to catch one to no avail. Last week while eating dinner he was standing at the windows in the dining room whining and crying and when we peeked out there were two just sitting there, taunting him.

** On another note **
Does this look like a good idea to anyone??
(an open bubble container sitting on top of a crackers box in the pantry)
While making Jasmine's lunch the other night, I reach into the pantry for a fruit roll-up and this is what I I'm not sure the circumstances that led to this (and I didn't even ask), I am just thanking the Lord above I found it before it became a big 'ol mess.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Superhero Confusion

It's a bird...

It's a bat....

It's um, what the heck would you call that...SuperBatman???

Monday, April 21, 2008

So How Was Your Weekend....

So Saturday I was offered OT at work, which is VERY unusual and I jumped at the chance. I got up at the crack of dawn and drove downtown so I could get it over with and back home to the fam (which is where I should be on the weekend). Well, while I was slaving away at work Joe packed a lunch & took the kids to a park. While at the park they went on a nature hike along the path and played on the equipment (of course). After the park they were headed to the $1 movie and passed a Dairy Queen and sense they had some time to kill guess where they stopped. So with a belly full of ice cream he took them to the $1 movie and then they headed home. They got home less than a minute before I pulled up the drive and this is what I saw....

Good Job Daddy -- they were good and tired.
Saturday we had great weather, so after getting home I put on some shorts, grabbed my headphones and a bottle of water and jumped on the riding mower while Joe did the weed eating. I know I mentioned it last year, but I just LOVE riding the mower. Seriously, I'm in my own world out there. I have a chance to reflect on what is going on in our lives and the many blessings we have to be thankful for. I have my praise music going -- good thing the mower is loud enough to drown me out cause I'm singing at the top of my lungs -- anyhooser's you get my point, I dig it! As I was finishing up Joe started grilling some burgers outside, so by the time I showered and such dinner was ready...which was awesome.
Sunday after church we grabbed a quick lunch at Subway (super yummy) and then headed to our Nursing Home Ministry. Joe played an African Conga drum w/ some of the other's in our Sunday School while Jasmine danced.
She was really getting after, here is an action shot.

The Nursing Home Ministry is once a month and this is the third time the kids have attended. Jasmine truly shines when we go. She is so loving and gentle with the people and makes sure to give them hugs. She even knows a couple by name and looks for them each time we go. Cash is not quite as outgoing as Jasmine and was continually asking if we could go to Blockbuster. Towards the end of the hour I told him they were playing their last song and when they were finished he said loudly, 'Are they done now!' (in the 'can we go yet' tone). A couple of the musicians got a kick out of that.

Last night was our last AWANA club which consisted of an Ice Cream Party -- complete with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel and whipped topping -- YUM! Next week is the awards ceremony, that should be interesting.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Little Monkeys Acting Silly After Bath...

Funny how they become hard of hearing just about the time I say,
'OK, pick out your books for bedtime.'
You'd think I was saying,
'Free for all! Run and scream and act like raving lunatics!'

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Get a Professional Pedi, or To Not Get a Professional Pedi...That is the Question??

Oh how I love sitting in that big chair with the massager going and my eyes closed and someone else doing my toes....Heaven! BUT....I am now deathly afraid of going to those places because of all of the stories that have come out of infection and fungus popping up on unsuspecting people. And most recently a cousin of mine who has had health issues within the last year has reason to believe a pedicure could have been the start of her new issues. So, even though I really really really love someone else doing my toes, I'm afraid I will be doing them at home for a long time to come...and that's OK! Gives Jasmine and I some girl time!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catching Up

Okay, now that I have filed for my Tax extension let me get some blogging out of the way (and believe me, if it were up to me a Return would have been filed instead of an extension. Unfortunately one of the company's Joe worked for last year has the dual partners feuding in court and we don't have his 'official' W-2 from them, just estimates of his income and such--very frustrating!).

We had a busy but fun weekend. Friday after I left work I went straight to Wal*Mart and I think set a new record for grocery shopping. My feet were aching, but I was a price-matching & coupon shopping queen--lots of good sales last week! Joe played a gig with the Irish group he plays with so I was able to turn up the music and clean the house, which I find very relaxing.

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early. We set on the road a little after 8a, stopped for donuts, then pulled into the oil change place. The kids were all comfy cosy in the back of the van watching a movie and munching on the oil guys let me stay in the car with them while they worked. So much easier than taking them in (and seemed to be faster, they were done in no time!). After the oil change we were on our way to Grampa Kotter's. We had a really great visit...and here are some pics to prove it.

Cash found a Storm Trooper costume, which he donned for the entire day

**have I mentioned before he likes dressing up as much as Jas**

And for the pictures below, Jasmine found my camera and took approximately 20 pictures
(I think the only reason she stopped was due to the batteries dying)

Sunday I was up early again to make spaghetti for potluck/baby shower after church. We had a great turnout, but Joe was feeling a bit under the weather so I had my hands full with both kids and helping set-up the potluck, cutting cakes, getting mom-to-be presents to open, clean-up. It was definitely an experience. We finally left the church around 2p, only to be headed back around 4p for an appreciation dinner for AWANA volunteers. They catered a full barbecue meal that was fabulous and Jasmine enjoyed a pizza party. (And you know Joe must have been feeling down to miss out on barbecue!).

**Funny story--When picking Jasmine up from her pizza party she was telling me one of the 2nd graders was being mean to her. Well, the other girl's mom happened to be picking her up at the same time. Jasmine looked over and said 'Oh, there she is. Let me go tell her mother how she was acting.' So I tell her to hold up and to let it go, blah blah blah. Well wouldn't you know it, they are walking EVERYWHERE we go after that. Jasmine tried a couple more times to make her way over there but I was always able to play interference. Well, the girl happened to look over at Jasmine at one point and she said 'I think we need to try to be friend's from now on. OK? So, let's just be nice to each other.' The other girl just had big eyes and kind of nodded and quickly turned around.**

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