Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Mary and King David (AWANA Bible character night)

* * Jasmine's outfit was made out of a bedskirt I bought at Goodwill for $1 * *

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Crazy week guys...

Monday - Cash's birthday - Denny's (family tradition)

Tuesday - Chick-Fil-A night as Jas's school

Wednesday - Leader meeting at church, dinner provided

Thursday - Fall carnival in town so something fast and easy - I'm
thinkin beans and cornbread. That way the beans can cook all day and be
ready when we get home from work.

Friday - Halloween - meeting a group at Cici's before going to
Trunk-or-treat sponsored by my grandmother's church.

This is out of the ordinary for us. I really believe in sitting down at
the table and giving thanks and communicating with everyone about how
their day went. Just another challenge for me this week. I will make
sure and have a time before bed each night to spend with the kid's w/out
TV and other distractions.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Confused...

Why are all of the women's halloween costumes mini and low cut?  I would say a majority of us women would rather not wear mini OR low cut.  Just throwing that out there. 

***those question marks reminded me of The Joker from Batman, which reminded me of Cash, which made me happy.  Speaking of Cash and happy...he hit the motherload last night in the costume department.  Aunt Linda is in town and she gave him Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, Red Power Ranger and Prince Charming costumes.  And YES, he is absolutely beside himself with excitement.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Taylor Weekend

OK, here it is Thursday again and I am just now getting to what we did over the weekend.  Oh how the weeks are flying – and getting cold, it was 35 degrees according to my van temperature gage this morning.  I do like the cooler weather, but that is going a little overboard for me.  I live in Texas for a reason, cause I like it warm. An overnight in the 50s and day's in the 80's is ideal according to me.  But I can handle it hotter better than colder.  Anywho…back to our weekend


As I posted earlier, Friday was all about ME.  Dinner w/ friends and coffee w/ the girls.


Saturday was my Company picnic and this is always a favorite.  They have it at a local ranch and there is so much for the kid's to do…hayride, 'train', petting zoo, pony rides, playground, paddle boats and a big barbecue lunch.  Of course, we had a great time, but I must say this year was better for me than past years.  Now that the kids are older and able to go and do on their own, it is a much more pleasant experience for me.  Not that I let them have the run of the place w/out knowing where they are.  They just knew before going to a new place to let me know where, so if I looked in that general direction I could see them.


Then Sunday after church we had lunch at my Grandmother's to celebrate me and my cousin's birthdays.  A fantastic Mexican meal with lots of desserts to choose from.  Sunday evening was Fall Fun Night at AWANA's, so I helped with the younger one's.  My duty was at the pumpkin patch and boy was I disappointed I didn't bring my camera in.  Those kid's were sooo cute.  That's all she wrote -- another weekend behind us. 


Can you believe 5 weeks until Thanksgiving.  A couple more weeks and I'll start getting giddy with excitement about what to cook and making an after Thanksgiving shopping list.


Weekend pictures below…


See this guy, they were moving him from the petting zoo pen to the stables and he decided to cut through the playground area.  The kids got a big kick out of following him around.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Love Them

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


See all the awesome goodies I received from friends and family this weekend.

  • Purple leather bound Women of Faith study Bible w/ my name engraved
  • MP3 w/ FM radio
  • Breaking Free Day by Day devotional Beth Moore (love her)
  • Flower arrangement
  • Cross necklace
  • Pretty lanyard to wear my work badge
  • And cash for shopping!  You know I'm going to my favorite Thrift Store first. 

I have to say, this year was the best birthday I've had in a very long time. 

Friday night lots of friends from our church small group met us at a restaurant in our a small town.  We had a party of 20 (9 adults and 11 children ranging from ages 2 - 12).  I really love this group of people.  This particular group has only been together since about June and we have all really come together and really enjoy hanging out with each other. 

Once everyone was done eating a couple of the ladies suggested we go to the coffee house.  So...all the men took the kiddos home and us girls went to a brand new coffee shop in town.  Due to it being Homecoming, the place was dead, we were the only ones there.  Which was awesome.  We staked claim to the couches and comfy chairs in the back and just talked and drank coffee (or in my case hot chocolate, cause coffee ain't my thang -- which is another blog entry all in itself).  All in all a great day! 

**Only downside -- Last year Jasmine had it engraved in her brain my age and would randomly throw it out there to strangers for no particular reason.  Well, now that she is in 1st grade she can add all by herself, and still feels the need to tell everyone how old I am.  Oh well, good thing I'm not bothered by my age.  Just another number as far as I'm concerned.**


Monday, October 20, 2008

I had a fantastic birthday weekend...I'll share the details tomorrow. 

Until then here's our menu for the week.

Monday - Fettuccine Alfredo w/ salad and garlic bread

Tuesday - Meatloaf muffins, mashed potatoes, broccoli and biscuits

Wednesday - I'll be at Bible Study so I'm guessing chicken nuggets and french fries

Thursday - Busy busy busy - Parent-teacher conference then Aunt Linda gets into town so we will be meeting her at Traci's to have our hair done.  Probably order pizza at Traci's.

Friday - Chicken stir-fry w/ noodles and egg rolls (and probably a peanut butter and jelly for Cash)

Saturday - Zoo!!  Yeehaw!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Weekend

I know it's Thursday, but I am just now getting to post about our weekend.  I have been in an MS Access training class for the last two days and that's all I gotta say about that, so here goes...

Friday Jasmine was out of school so she ran around with me all day.  Shopping at Goodwill was the highlight for both of us.  That is where she got the dress in the picture $3 thank you very much!

On our way back into town we used the last of the FREE Chick-Fil-A kid's meal vouchers from the summer reading program and stopped at a park.  They ran like crazy from one thing to another, but Jasmine's absolute fave it the swings and boy can she go high.

The kid's helped me make banana pudding for Saturday night and did a very good job pouring, stirring and layering.

At our small group Saturday the kid's decorated cupcakes.  Lots of cute one...and lots of mystery designs.  They sure had fun though...

This weekend will be a super busy one for us.  We have so many options I still haven't decided which ones we will make and which ones we will have to pass on...did I mention this is my favorite time of year (and not just because it is my birthday!).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday - Crockpot chicken and veggies

Tuesday - Stir fry chicken and veggies w/ noodles and egg rolls

Wednesday - Chicken nuggetts and french fries

Thursday - Tacos, rice and beans

Friday - Out to eat - My Birthday!! 

I am also trying a new tortilla soup recipe this week, I'll let you know how it turns out.  If it's a keeper I'll post the recipe.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Look Mom, I Cut Cash's Hair (with the clippers)

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Thank You!

Thank you all for your prayers.  Little Luke is doing much better and was able to leave the hospital yesterday evening.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Weekend

Since I am now posting via email, please bare with me regarding adding pictures.

Our weekend, in one word, was FULL.  Saturday we were up and at Wal*Mart picking out a birthday present first thing.  The party was fun for the kids - bounce house, nachos, cupcakes and a pinata full of candy = good time!

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From the birthday party we headed to a Halloween Party at Dad's and had a fabulous time complete with a haunted hallway, a costume fashion show, pass the pumpkin, face painting, a scavenger hunt, lots of goodies to eat and a visit from the wicked witch.  The kids were going 90mph till the end and were asleep before we hit the main road headed home.  First thing Cash said Sunday morning 'When can we go back to Grandpa's?'

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday – Joe offered to make tacos so tacos it is.

Tuesday – Meatloaf muffins and mashed potatoes

Wednesday – I have Bible Study so something easy like Hamburger Macaroni (or in our case turkey macaroni – I only buy ground turkey)

Thursday – Crockpot chicken, veggies and potatoes

Friday – Beef fajitas baby! Yum-O!


My nephew Luke (4 years) had a major asthma attack Sunday and is at Children’s Medical Center. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Friday, October 03, 2008

I Like it Spicy

Oh how I love me some tortilla soup, could eat it everyday for lunch. My absolute favorite is from Jason’s Deli.

I am on the hunt for the perfect tortilla soup recipe – unless someone has the recipe Jason’s uses, that would be fantastic. I have tried several, but just haven’t found ‘the one’. So, if you have a tortilla soup recipe that you would like to share, please send it my way.

Thank you for your time…

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