Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sorry...long blog

I wanted to wait until I had some pictures to share, but it looks like I’ll just have to post them later…

This time of year is my absolute favorite. We were busy busy busy this past weekend. Thursday Jasmine and Cash’s cousins spent the night and boy did they all have fun. After we got home from Jasmine’s soccer practice it was straight to the tub. Two 2 year olds and two 4 year olds make for a very adventurous bath time. Luke (2yrs) thinks it is super fun to jump up in the bathtub and land flat on his bottom and make a BIG splash. Cash thought that was the most hilarious thing he has ever seen. He was giggling so hard he couldn’t breathe. Then one by one they get out of the tub and dry off and get lotion and PJs on. Unfortunately Cash was last and by the time I got to him, he pooped on the floor. SO GROSS!!

Friday was CASH’S BIRTHDAY! We went to McDonald’s and to the Dr. for a checkup. He weighs 35lbs and is 32ins, which puts him off the charts in his age group for weight and average for height. The whole way to the Dr. Jasmine kept needing reassurance that she was not getting shots, I dread next time we go and she need them it’ll be a fight to the end! Cash did have to get one shot, but is such a toughie he didn’t even cry.

That evening was our Fall Festival at church. Tons and tons of bounce houses and slides and food and a petting zoo… Speaking of the petting zoo, Cash kept trying to climb up the fence to get into the pen with the animals. When that did not work he ran to the pen with the calf and pony and crawled under. Luckily I was able to grab onto his foot before he was out of reach. For being such a big boy, he is FAST!

Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo. They were so cute when going to each station to trick or treat. Jasmine would walk up and say ‘Trick or Treat’ and ‘Thank You’, I was very proud. Cash got to where he would run up and say ‘Treat’ and hold his bag up. As soon as they dropped something in, he’d stick his head in the opening of the bag and start jumping up and down. So cute! We had lots of fun until…Jasmine disappeared! We are running all over the place looking for her, yelling her name. Luckily mom stayed back where we started and said Jasmine came walking out of the restaurant with a Coke. Apparently she was thirsty and took it upon herself to go and find something to drink. Needless to say, we were very happy to find her unharmed…but proceeded to let her know how much trouble she was in for running off. Soo scary!

The next morning when I was making breakfast we were talking about next time we go to the zoo and she said ‘next time I will not run off. I will just say Momma, I am so thirsty so we can get a drink’. Hopefully this lesson will stick with her and we won’t have to experience that again.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Festival Picture

Our church had a Fall Festival on 10/27, which was also Cash’s birthday. Here is a link to a picture taken at the festival.


I’ll post more on our weekend adventures later…

Soccer Update

I am happy to say Jasmine has finally decided playing soccer isn’t so bad. The last two games she has stayed on the field her entire time. Before, IF she would get out there, she would just walk off the field soon after the kick-off once the other girls ran after the ball. Not that she cares about kicking the ball, but she enjoys running around with the other girls now. And a lot of times she is way behind the group because when she runs, she likes to try to watch her cute pink star soccer shoes.

Here is a picture of her doing the kick-off and one of her and her cousin Alex.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Parent-Teacher Conference

We had our first 6 weeks Parent-Teacher conference this week. Jasmine’s teacher said she is doing much better and beginning to adjust to the routine. We had a rough first couple of weeks. It seemed we were receiving notes everyday on ‘The CHOICES Jasmine Made’. A lot of times she was choosing to do her own thing and not following directions. She is a very independent little girl and thinks she should be the one running the show ALL the time. But she has started coming back after she calms down and apologizes to me or Joe or whoever is involved without prompting.

While at the Parent-Teacher conference Cash was looking at the books and playing in the kitchen….so sweet and such a good boy. Then it was time to go and the ‘I’m almost two and have a mind of my own’ transformation occurred. Apparently he was not done playing and wanted to make sure everyone in the school knew this. As I’m carrying him, screaming, down the hall teachers are coming out of their classrooms to make sure someone has not been injured. I opted for the closest exit instead of walking all the way to the front of the school and subjecting everyone to his temper tantrum. I then wrestled him into his car seat and he screamed the whole way home. Good thing we LOVE them so much at this age!

Monday, October 23, 2006

And Jesus grew in wisdom... Luke 2:52

This was Jasmine's memory verse Sunday for Awana's.

By saying her verse each week she earns patches for her Awana’s vest and an ice cream on the way home. This is Jasmine’s second year in the program and she still LOVES it. I am happy to say she has finally adapted to wearing the vest, last year she wanted no part of it.

She also informed me last night on the way home from church that we needed to get some pumpkins and that ‘we need to get our Halloween stuff out’. So I guess I need to find some decorations, because the only holiday I have ‘stuff’ for is Christmas.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Time Flies

WOW! Fast week....I had every intention of posting every few days and here it is Friday already.

Tuesday was my Birthday and our Gramma watched the kiddos for us so we could have a nice evening out....meeting with a financial advisor (romantic, I know!). We did catch a quick bite at Taco Bueno after our meeting though - I know you're jealous!

Wednesday we had a busy night making We Miss You and Thank You cards. Jasmine misses her cousin Kaja so much. They are in the Czech Republic for several months caring for her sick Grandpa. And a Thank You card to our other cousin Charlie who sent a bunch of hand me downs for Cash.

Thursday was soccer practice. And Jasmine did pretty good this week. Usually she spends most of practice drinking gatorade, playing in the dirt or trying to climp on the net. This week when I picked her up at Gigi's she sounded excited, 'Momma, how about we go to soccer!'. Great, let's go. We get there and she runs out on the field and even kicks the ball a few times....then she fell and bumped her head after about 15 minutes. The remaining 45 minutes consisted of her snuggled up next to me for comforting and a walk across the parking lot to the church to go to the bathroom. Oh well, she sure looks cute! I've attached a picture from a practice earlier this year, when it was a little warmer out.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Busy weekend...

We definitely had a busy weekend. Started off by taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's Friday evening. Joe picked up the kids and I met them there on my way home from work. They had such a good time and I will post a picture as soon as I can. Cash enjoyed putting the money into the machine's, but seldom stayed around to play them. He also tried to take over other people's SkeeBall games. Would walk right up, grab a ball and throw it down any of the lanes. Luckily it wasn't crowded and everyone he mooched off of seemed to be very understanding...and occasionally encouraged him!

Saturday we ran some errands early and then stopped at the Sonic w/ the outdoor playarea (with sand). Jasmine's favorite here was to lay down in the sand and make sand angels...yes, that would be her laying flat on her back and waving her arms and legs wildly to the side--I'll just say I was glad we were in Daddy's truck. Cash again enjoyed making himself at home with other people's games. There were several ride-ons at this Sonic and anytime someone would put $$ in, he would take off running and try to barge his way on for a ride.

Sunday was filled with a big Family birthday party and Church activities. Overall an enjoyable, but exhausting day.

Friday, October 13, 2006

And the competition begins...

This morning while dressing Jasmine for school she says. 'Momma, Reagan has Baby Phat shoes.' Of course, Jasmine has no idea what this means but an impression was definitely made when she was shown/told about these shoes. A couple months ago she was overly excited for getting a pair of shoes with Strawberry Shortcake on them from Payless. I guess next time I'm thrifting I'll have to keep my eye out for some Baby Phat gear.

Cash has replaced his obsession with 'Doo-Doo and Gaggy' (Scooby and Shaggy) with 'Giggles' (The Wiggles). He'll say 'Momma, Giggles' and take off running to the living room and jump up on the couch. He'll watch from the couch intently then all of a sudden he'll pop off the couch and start dancing. So much fun just to watch him, watch The Wiggles. I love it!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Big Sister

These days Jasmine has taken the role of Big Sister to mean, Boss of Cash. Last night Cash was doing something and I asked if he wanted to sit in his time out chair and Jasmine yelled from the other room. 'Mom, don't put him in time out. He'll be a good boy.' Then directed her attention to Cash. 'No, no Bubba, you need to be a good boy. OK.' He then does his 'head nod-grunt', which he does when he is in agreement with something. If I could only get her to comply to me as easily as he did to her!

It is so much fun watching them interact, they are definitely best buds. If for some reason Cash is not with us she will say, 'Momma, we need to go get Cashy. I miss him!' I love that they love each other so much. For now anyways....I hope it continues!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Treasures

These are my treasures, Jasmine & Cash! This is a picture from Jasmine's first day of Pre-K.

First Timer...

I have been reading a friend's blog for the past several months and thought this would be a great way to keep in touch with family & friends in this busy world we live...check back for updates!!

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