Monday, May 18, 2009

Isn't It Summer Yet...

This morning was cool enough we needed a jacket when heading to school.  Jasmine (who I don't believe was completely awake) said, 'Why is it so cold, I thought we were done with all of this!'.  Yep, that's my girl.  I LOVE the warm weather and even the hot days. Bring it on, I am ready!!

Our calendar is already jam packed full of events.  Weekend before last we went camping with our small group from church and had a really great weekend.  Four couples camped and another came for the day -- totaling 10 adults and 14 children -- (yes, that number is correct) the adults were outnumbered, but luckily some of the children were pre-teens and were able to keep the little ones busy.

This last weekend was full of parties—birthday and graduation.

On another subject, something I am very excited about is a Costco just opened up close to us.  We went Saturday to sign up and they were having a local vendor day.  One of the vendors took pictures of the kids and emailed them to me. 



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