Thursday, May 31, 2007

So much to blog, so little time...

OK, time has gotten away from me again. Busy, busy, busy...

We had a good Memorial Day weekend. We had a 7 yr old houseguest most of the weekend and it is AMAZING how adding that one extra kid into the mix changes up the dynamic of a household. Not BAD, just DIFFERENT.

Saturday I took all the kids to see SHREK THE THIRD and they did very well. **NOTE--this is our first attempt to attending a movie since Cash was about a year, that trip did not end well**. They all enjoyed the movie and it kept Cash's attention until about the last 5 minutes when he started getting a little antsy. I do have to add one comment--I have officially become my grandmother--before leaving the house I popped some microwave popcorn and made individual baggies for each kid. Then stopped and got M&M's and drinks and took a BIG bag. Whatev...kept the kid's occupied during the movie and saved me like $50!

After the movie dropped Cash by the house so he could nap and the girl's and I went to Wal*Mart to grocery shop. TIP--When you get to Wal*Mart and everyone in the van is asleep, it is perfectly within reason to turn around and go home in order to avoid the whipping that is going to Wal*Mart w/ two tired children! ARGH!!!

Finally got home after the Wal*Mart fiasco and grilled burgers and sausage and corn...YUM! Good food always makes me feel better! Not long after we were finished grilling it started raining and I don't think it has stopped since. Our land looks like a swamp. Completely flooded. YUK!

Now for a fun picture...Cash serenaded us w/ his rendition of HOT POTATO by The Wiggles

Friday, May 25, 2007

Field Day

Yesterday was Field Day at Jasmine's school. They had lots of fun relays and activities for the kids to do. Unfortunately, Jasmine doesn't care much for this sort of thing. And I can't blame her, cause it wasn't my cup of tea at that age either (I preferred drill team and dance to sports activities). I remember my favorite part of Play Day was bringing money to buy a snow cone. She sucked it up (for the most part) and participated in all of the events--even looks like she is enjoying a few of them. At the end of the day when I asked her what was her favorite part of Field Day she replied, 'Um, none of it.'

They wrote their names and decorated their own shirts.

Bean Bag Toss

Putting the ball in the crate w/ her feet

She fell down running back from the bathroom and scraped her knee :(

Hopping w/ Ball

She never quite got the hang of this one, so she enlisted the help of one of the teachers to get her to the cone and back.

Two-headed Race

Crawling through the tunnel

Running the hoops

Ice Cream Balance

Sack Race

Tug of War

Jasmine's class w/ their medals for participation. **Notice** Jasmine is not in the picture cause she was pretty much done w/ being at school at this point. She was not the only one, by this time of day there were several breakdowns going on.

After Field Day we went to Wendy's for lunch.

Then we stopped to get tires for the van. Luckily Discount Tires is practically in the parking lot of our Church, so we were able to go to our Church library and check out some books and VeggieTale DVD's. Then we went out to the playground for the rest of our wait.

Jasmine discovered a fun trick. You can go down the slide WAY faster if your sitting on a towel!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blizzards in Texas...

I forgot to mention the one downfall of our weekend. Usually on our way home from camping in East Texas, Joe and I stop at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard treat for the drive home. Would you believe that EVERY Dairy Queen we passed was closed. And I'm not talking closed as in 'We'll be back soon', I'm talking closed as in 'We're outta here for good. Hasta la vista baby!' Please say it isn't so, this is a tradition I am not ready to part with. I guess if push comes to shove we could stop at the Sonic and get a Blizzard knock-off...but it's just not the same. :(

Monday, May 21, 2007

Camping Trip

We had the most AWESOME weekend camping with our family. Each day was better than the one before according to Jasmine. Each night before falling asleep she'd tell me, 'this is the best camping trip EVER!'. Once we got home I asked what was her favorite part of the weekend, initially she answered EVERYTHING but finally narrowed it down to the leaf fight the kids had soon after arriving (left my camera in the truck when we first got there, so no pictures of the leaf fight-so sorry). I did get some great pictures I would like to share......enjoy!

Nah, she doesn't get her picture taken much at all!

Grandpa pushing his grandsons on the swing.

Trying to help daddy get his pole ready.

Fishing cousins **Don't worry, no hooks were used by those 7 & under. Although Noah and Alex will be fishing w/ the big boys pretty soon, they really got the art of casting down. Each pole came w/ a plastic fish to attach to the end of the line. The kids had plenty of fun throwing those out and reeling them in, and then questioned why they didn't catch any fish at the end of the weekend.**

more fishing cousins...

Going for a boat ride w/ Uncle Josh (had to cut the trip short due to panic attach by Cash).

Who needs fun games when there is a box around?

Bucket hat gone wrong.... what is it w/ my children and putting things on their heads (it's a sign of intelligence, right)?

Treasure hunt.

Here Nessa is coaching Jasmine on how to sing into the stick-microphone!

Too cute.

Lunchtime (10 kids ages 7 & under), LOTS of fun!

Chilling in Grandpa's hammock.

Plum tuckered out...

Is this not the most precious picture ever, I'm going to print a copy and frame it.

Another one of my faves. If you look in the top corner you can see a crescent moon and one star.

The ride home looked like this from the time we pulled onto the main road.

We would love to make this trip a few times a year. Thanks for having us Uncle Duane and Aunt Peggy!! We loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let's Dance

Last night was so fun. Dancing with the Stars was on and the kids felt the need to dance their little booties off. Jasmine ran and got her church shoes (since they make a noise) and Cash had to follow suit so he grabbed Jasmine's cowboy boots. They sure looked cute dancing around. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture (too lazy to get up and get the camera....I know, bad mama!).

Monday, May 14, 2007

This and That

We had a great Mother’s Day weekend. Saturday Jasmine and I went to a Mother/Daughter Tea Party and had lots of fun. We made tissue paper hats, the kids decorated a flowerpot, and then had tea (apple juice) and cookies.

Saturday evening Jasmine spent the night w/ her cousin and it is amazing to me what a difference there is in Cash’s demeanor when she is not around. He’s very quiet and will sit and watch a movie with me. When she is around they are both going non-stop. Here is a picture he had me take of him Saturday.

Sunday we went to Gramma’s for a Mother’s Day celebration after church. Food…Good, Family…Good, Fellowship…Good!!!


On other note. You ever seen the show 'Kids Say the Darnedest Things'

When spending the night w/ her cousin, they go to Wal*Mart and Jasmine says 'OK everybody, this is how it's going to be. We go in, we come out. Got it?' She wants so badly to be the boss.

Another time on our way home she says 'Mom, when we get home, I'm in charge' I tell her no, mommy is always in charge at home. She then says, 'OK, you and me, we can be in charge of Cash and Daddy'. Gotta love her determination.

When leaving church Sunday I sneezed and Cash says, 'Bless you Mommy' pause 'Goodness' -- I KNOW, cutest thing EVER!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

2 Year Olds....Gotta Love 'Em

Yesterday Cash gave me the scare of my life. When we got home the kids were outside and wanted to pet the dog. So I run in to put my bags down and turn on the oven for dinner. As I go back outside I see the kids running down the driveway chasing the dog. **Mind you, we are in the country and our driveway is about an acre deep** I yell to the kids that is far enough and to come back towards the house. Jasmine yells 'OK, mama' and starts heading back. Cash, on the other hand, now thinks we are playing a game. So I start running his way since it didn't look like he had plans to turn around. As he is getting closer to the road, I am starting to panic and trying to run faster to get to him. **We are on a country road and most people are doing about 50mph**. I reach him just as he passes our fence line and before he reaches the road. I have NEVER ran so fast in my entire life. Never really enjoyed running and often wondered if faced in a situation where it was do or die how I would fare. I have to say I did pretty good. Once I reached him and grabbed his little hand to lead him back up the driveway all I wanted to do was yell, spank & lock him in the house so I don't have to go through that again. Instead we made that long walk back up the drive and I try to explain to him it is a BIG no-no to go to the road, all the while I have a death grip on his hand. They played w/ the dog a little more and jumped on the trampoline for a while and everything was hunky dory--but I do believe be scared a few years out of me today.

Friday, May 04, 2007

So what did you have for breakfast?

I had tamales for breakfast this morning. I KNOW!! It is Cinco De Mayo, after all. Besides it would be rude for me to turn them down when offered by someone who made an special trip to pick up some authentic Mexican food. It sure makes a difference in the day when you are used to starting w/ something light, like a granola bar. I've felt full all day--but that won't stop me from filling up on more Mexican Cuisine this evening AND tomorrow evening. I'll just have to pump up my workouts next week to make up for this weekend.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

House Shoes

Nothing really to going on to post. Lots of storms came through the Metroplex last night, fortunately the worst of it bypassed us.
**It was a question mark for a while how bad it would be by the time it reached us so I had Jasmine say a little prayer w/ me for our safety**

Last night Jasmine wanted me to take a picture of her house shoes and, of course, Cash is all about getting his picture taken (even if it is just of his feet).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Cash loves his 'jellies' and no, I'm not referring to the shoes we used to all love in the 80's. His favorite thing to eat is grape jelly. That's it, doesn't want it with peanut butter or on bread, just a big 'ol bowl of jelly suits him just fine. I have to put it on the top shelf of the refrigerator all the way in the back because if he is near when the door is open he will come running and grab the jar and say, 'momma, I want jellies. pleeeease'. Jasmine decided she needed a bowl of her own yesterday.

I think it supercute how they sit in the same chair to eat their snack. They really love each other!

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