Thursday, November 13, 2008

Party Time

I've been promising for some time now pictures of Cash's birthday…I know, finally. 


The weather was so great, we were able to do the entire party outside.  We had lots of fun with a bounce house, piñata, crafts and decorate your own cupcakes.  I had a couple games planned, but after the first one crashed and burned I bailed on that idea.  Here was the concept of the first game.  Hulk Stomp – tie a balloon to the ankle of each child and they try to pop each other's balloons.  Now I remember playing this when I was young without incident.  That was not the case: 1. The balloons popped without being stomped since we were outside and they were running. 2. Small children do not like for their balloons to be popped even if it is a game, serious meltdowns occurred. 


Cash got lots of great gifts – Spiderman this, Hulk that, throw in a Batman or two and Cash is a happy boy.  He also got some cowboy boots, which he loves and would wear with his shorts if mommy didn't intercede.


Here are the pics…


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